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Before any daycare or overnight stay at Paws Pet N' Play, we require written proof of vaccinations as follows:

All dogs must have DHLPP/DA2PP, Bordetella and Rabies vaccinates

All dogs must be on a regimen for fleas, ticks and heartworm control.

All dogs coming in for daycare or overnight must be spayed or neutered by 8 months of age.

All dogs must have liability waivers signed by owners prior to any stay. Waiver's can be printed out and found here. A dog profile is also required which can be found here.

Please check that all records are up to date before coming in as guests without up to date vaccinations will be turned away. 


Wellness and Safety​

To ensure the safety of every dog that comes to play with us, all dogs must go through a screening process. This process involves a meet and greet that allows our new friends to become familiar with their surroundings and allows us to observe their behaviors, play level and compatibility with future friends. Meet and greets must be done prior to any daycare or overnight stay and we recommend scheduling them at least a week prior to any intended daycare or overnight visits.

If your dog should become ill while staying with us, we will consult with your veterinarian on record. To safeguard the health of every guest, any pet that becomes ill will be separated from other dogs until a veterinarian diagnose and treat them.


We ask that you bring your own food for your dog’s stay. It’s much easier on their stomachs and its one more reminder of home. We can accommodate any type of special diet.

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